The Glasshouse

Renaming and reinvigorating an iconic North East venue

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With a new Sage Arena being built next door, Sage Gateshead, the live music venue designed by Sir Norman Foster, needed to change its name. From conducting research groups and creating a community engagement campaign, to strategy development, naming, visual identity and launch activity, we created a brand that harmonised the design of the building with the organisation’s love of music and the community.

A graphic visual square grid of The Glasshouse logo, repeated many times in different colours on brightly coloured backgrounds.
Visual of 5 fly posters in a large frame on a brick wall in the street. There are 4 brightly coloured text-based posters and one central image. The posters read left to right, Every chord is a seed, Every moment is a root, the central poster is an image of the glasshouse building, then every lyric is a branch, and every solo a bloom. The image demonstrates the identity in an out-of-home advertisement.
The image frame is split in half. The left side shows a bright blue tote bag hanging on a bollard, with the text on the bag reading 'Pump up the volume'. The image on the right is of two disposable coffee cups, one orange and one pink. The one in the foreground is orange and has a circular burst pattern with the text 'Sonic Bloom' applied. The one in the background is bright pink with a soundwave graphic. These images show the brand application on products at The Glasshouse.

“We selected Music because of their brilliant creative but also because colleagues across the organisation connected with their direct, honest and bold pitch – people trusted them. That trust turned out to be well founded. They are a great team, passionate about delivering the highest quality work for clients. They are happy to push when needed but are also pragmatic. Their combination of fantastically high quality creative, straightforward approach and well-tuned instincts for building brands makes them a great partner.”

Fraser Anderson
Executive Director, The Glasshouse

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