Privacy Policy

The company Ideas by Music Limited, 3.04 Bonded Warehouse Manchester M3 4AP. Registered Number 6047543 (hereinafter referred to as: MUSIC) takes the question of security and protection of personal information very seriously. Taking the mentioned into consideration, MUSIC takes special care that users of the website (hereinafter referred to as: users) are entirely informed about rights they might have regarding the collection of their personal information, as well as regarding security measures taken by MUSIC.
By accessing and/or using the website, the user agrees to have read, understood, and accepted the terms from this non-disclosure statement. If the user does not agree, they should refrain from using the website, leave, and not access and/or use the website, as well as further on not access and/or use the website again.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy
MUSIC is authorised to amend the non-disclosure statement at any time by publishing the amended text of the statement on the website The amendments shall become effective immediately after their publication on the website. Any use of the website by the end user after such publication shall be considered as acceptance of those terms. The user shall periodically re-read the non-disclosure statement to keep informed of any changes.
If the user uses the website after the non-disclosure statement has been amended, it shall be presumed that they have learned, understood, and fully accepted the amendments. Liability of MUSIC for any damage caused to users or third parties due to such amendments shall be excluded.

Type of Data Collected and Use of the Data Collected
MUSIC collects personal information that identifies users of the website When a user joins in on certain activities on the website, such as newsletter subscription, participating in competitions organised by MUSIC, filling out surveys, posting comments, sending feedback to MUSIC, seeking information about MUSIC products and services, applying for jobs, MUSIC has the right to demand the users provide certain information about themselves. The user shall not be obliged to join in on the mentioned activities.
If the user chooses to join in, MUSIC shall be authorised to request the user’s personal information, which, depending on the activity, can include: name and surname, address (including postcode), e-mail address, telephone number including phone number, date of birth, place of work and employer information. MUSIC shall be authorized to use the personal information of the user to offer products and/or services, improve the quality of products and/or services, organise competitions, improve the functioning of the website, enhance the advertising and promotional activities, analyse the use of the website and inquire about the user’s experience with third parties. MUSIC shall be authorised to collect information that does not identify a specific end user, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website the user visited prior to opening the website of, the URL of the website that the user visited after leaving the website of, the type of browser the user is using and the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.
Authorised service providers and advertisers may automatically collect this information when visiting the MUSIC website either by means of ‘cookies’ or other tools. MUSIC shall use such information solely to resolve problems, administer the website, analyse trends, collect demographic data, analyse the compliance with the relevant legislation and to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Depending on the type of activity, some information shall be mandatory and some shall be optional. If the user does not provide the mandatory information, when such is required for an activity, they shall not be allowed to join in on such activity.
MUSIC shall not collect the following personal information through its website: name and surname, address, telephone number or online address of the user, unless the user voluntarily submits it, registers with MUSIC or submits the same through a survey, through consent and/or if this is permitted by the relevant laws and regulations regarding personal data protection.

Types of candidate data we collect during recruitment process
MUSIC processes all the candidate data you share with us for legitimate human resources purposes during the application or recruitment process. These include identifying and evaluating candidates for job positions at MUSIC; record-keeping related to hiring processes; analysing the hiring process and outcomes; collecting reference information and/or information received from background checks (where applicable), including information provided by third parties. In addition to using candidate data for the position for which you have applied, MUSIC may retain and use data to consider you for other positions.
If you do not want to be considered for other positions or would like to have candidate data removed, you may contact us. Candidate data will be retained and used for a maximum period of 2 years in our database, for recruitment and hiring purposes, or a shorter period if we inform you differently during the hiring process.

Who may have access to candidate data
Within the company, candidate data will be shared with all people included in the recruitment process. Candidate data may be stored and processed outside of the country or region where it was originally collected. We comply with relevant legislation described in our Privacy policy. Candidate data may be shared with our affiliates, subsidiaries and/or sister companies, to consider you for other current or future jobs and potentially include you in recruitment process.
If you have been referred for a job at MUSIC by a current MUSIC employee, with your consent, we may inform that employee about the progress of your application and let the MUSIC employee know the outcome of the process. In some cases, if it is identified that you have attended the same university/school or shared the same previous employer during the same period as a current MUSIC employee, we may consult with that employee for feedback on you. We use Greenhouse and Google, as our third party data processor to process candidate data on our behalf, as described in their privacy policy.

Where we obtain candidate data
We collect candidate data for recruitment and hiring purposes, the data we collect is personal information you share with us. Depending on the relevant circumstances and applicable local laws and requirements, these may include personal information received in the following situations: your referees may disclose personal information about you; we may obtain personal information about you from searching for potential candidates from third party sources, such as LinkedIn and other job sites.

Disclosure of Personal Information
MUSIC shall not share personal identification information with other parties, but it may share the information about users with its affiliated companies. MUSIC may use third party services, such as Google and Mailchimp to process personal information on their own behalf. Such service providers are meticulously chosen by MUSIC, especially taking into consideration their compliance with the relevant laws and regulations regarding personal data protection.
MUSIC shall be authorised to disclose information about the user only in order to protect the justified rights and interest of MUSIC and others. MUSIC shall be authorised to disclose the user’s personal identification information when it is reasonable to expect that the disclosure will aid the enforcement of the law or when it is necessary due to a court order, or when its disclosure ensures compliance with this Non-disclosure statement and other contracts, or to protect the ownership rights of this website, its users or other persons.
If the user does not wish their personal information be used in support of the customer relations (in particular for direct marketing or market research), MUSIC shall respect the user’s choice. MUSIC shall not sell or market personal identification information to third parties.

User Rights regarding their Personal Identification Information
The user shall be authorised to change any piece of their personal information by sending an e-mail, in which the user shall state their name and surname, address and e-mail, and the information they would like to amend. The user shall be authorised to request their personal identification information be deleted or their processing be limited without unnecessary delay, according to the relevant laws and regulations regarding personal data protection.
The user shall be authorised to receive their personal identification information, which they have previously provided to MUSIC, and transfer the same to another data processor. The user shall be authorised to file a complaint regarding the processing of their personal identification information at any time, according to the relevant laws and regulations regarding personal data protection.

User Choice regarding the Collection and Use of Data
The user shall have the possibility to request promotional e-mail messages that advertise products and/or services of MUSIC including exclusive sales and other offers, and/or products and services of affiliated companies. If the user does not want to receive promotional e-mails, they can, at any time after having subscribed to the newsletter, choose the option of cancelling the receipt of promotions via e-mail. When contacting, the user shall state their name, address and e-mail address, and what type of promotional e-mails they no longer want to receive.

Data protection
MUSIC shall undertake technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or change, and from unauthorised disclosure or access. The user is familiar with the fact that no data transmission through the Internet or any wireless network can be 100% secure.
Although MUSIC is carrying out commercially reasonable data protection measures, it cannot guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from our website and shall not be liable for the conduct of any third party that shall receive such information.

Data Monitoring
MUSIC shall be authorised to store ‘cookies’ on your computer, which contain information about the user and are meant to save time for the user when using the website, and to monitor and direct the user’s interests to provide services that are tailored to every individual user. ‘Cookies’ shall also collect non-personal user information.

Non-Disclosure Concerning Third Party Websites
This Non-disclosure statement shall only apply to the use and disclosure of information collected from users by MUSIC. Other websites, which can be accessed through the MUSIC website, have their own non-disclosure statements on collecting information and on ways to use their websites and publish content on the same. MUSIC shall not be liable for the methods and terms of operation of third parties.

Minors may only and exclusively participate in promotional activities of MUSIC with parental consent. MUSIC shall not intentionally collect or retain the information/personal data of children under the age of 16, without insisting on prior parental consent. Music shall use or publish the personal information of a child only and within the scope of permission given or granted by the parent, custodian or guardian of the child.

This statement shall be effective until its revocation by Music